"Live to learn, and you will really learn to live."
 -- John C. Maxwell

 I love helping other creatives with things that took me years (and far too many hours on YouTube) to learn.  We can cover the technical basics, focus on the flow of shooting or dive deep into your "why". 

 I've worked hard to create a mentorship experience that leaves your heart smiling, your creative wheels spinning and your soul filled with goodness.

This industry is about so much more than taking beautiful images- although that's important too.  When we do this work we are telling our client's stories and in doing so we fall in love with the humans in front of our lens. At times that requires vulnerability to allow each other to be seen as the imperfect humans that we are...and in that vulnerability the magic happens. 

While mentoring, I am an open book and will share anything about my creative process from start to finish. I've found through many years of investing in my own business and myself as a photographer that when you learn alongside another passionate individual in this industry it's empowering and ignites a spark in you that can propel your work and business to the next level. 

Let's talk about the areas you are looking for growth, I would love to walk with you on this journey.

Let's grow together

adventure with me


I will curate a model session tailored specifically to you and your needs.
We will shoot the session together and you will be able to ask questions as we go and use all of the images. After shooting we will get together to go over the experience, editing, and all your questions.
4-5 hours


Come along with me to one of my sessions. I'll be shooting as normal and you'll be able to watch and learn in real time as we go. You'll also be able to shoot alongside me and use the images.
After the session we will go over the experience and all of your questions.
2-3 hours

make some magic


Tailored to your needs.
This can include business management, client connection and experiences, marketing, session prompts and flow, editing workflow, etc. 
In person or via Zoom
One  hour

down to business

all the details

tiffani danielle photography is based in
Panama city beach, FL
+ worldwide 

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